Jon Pebi Tato

Jon Pebi Tato is a passionate storyteller and writer from the captivating landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh. Hailing from the serene village of Yaki Tato Keak in the West Siang district, Jon's love for storytelling was nurtured by the bedtime tales shared by his beloved father during his formative years. These cherished memories inspired him to craft his own mesmerizing narrative, giving birth to the enthralling fiction of "Shaman Woman and the Rooster."

As a devoted YouTuber, Jon brings his creative flair to the digital world, sharing his passion for storytelling with a global audience. However, it is within the pages of his book that he truly shines. "Shaman Woman and the Rooster" is a delightful bedtime read, captivating the hearts and minds of children above 10 years old with its imaginative journey and compelling characters.