What are Readcoins?

Readcoins are innovative digital tokens of appreciation introduced by They represent a form of digital currency that is earned through active engagement with books, discussions, writing reviews, and connecting with fellow book lovers on the platform. These tokens symbolize your commitment to literature and serve as a reflection of your passion for reading. Readcoins are not only a measure of your involvement but also a pathway to unlocking exclusive benefits and experiences related to the world of literature.

How to Earn Readcoins:

There are several ways to earn Readcoins on

Membership: Simply becoming a member of the Northeastreads community automatically starts your journey of accumulating Readcoins.

Daily Engagement: Logging in to the website on a daily basis is rewarded with Readcoins, encouraging consistent involvement.

Exploration Rewards: Reading blogs and reviews contributes to your Readcoin balance, encouraging you to explore different perspectives and literary insights.

Expression Counts: Updating your profile and sharing your thoughts through posts adds to your Readcoin earnings, highlighting the value of your literary contributions.

Literary Creations: Publishing your own blog posts or book reviews not only contributes to the community’s knowledge but also earns you Readcoins.

Referral Bonuses: Inviting new members to join the Northeastreads community results in additional Readcoins being added to your collection.

Here are the various ways and the number of coins you can earn by performing each activity:

Instance Amount Limit
Readcoins for becoming a member 100 -
Readcoins for site visit 10 -
Readcoins for referring a visitor 2 No limit
Readcoins for referring a new member 100 No limit
Readcoins for product review 10 No limit
Readcoins for new Post 1,000 No limit
Readcoins for updating profile 1 No limit
Readcoins for removing profile update 1 No limit
Readcoins for new avatar 10 No limit
Readcoins for new cover photo 10 No limit
Readcoins for new friendship 10 No limit
Readcoins for new comment 1 No limit
Readcoins for adding an activity to favorites 1 No limit
Readcoins for sending a message 1 No limit
Readcoins for sending a gift 1 No limit
Readcoins for viewing a post 1 No limit
Readcoins for viewing Books 2 No limit

The present exchange rate is 1 Readcoin = Re 0.10. The coin amount, limit, and the exchange rate will be updated from time to time.

How to Use Readcoins:

Once you have accumulated a satisfying number of Readcoins, you can use them to access a range of exclusive benefits and rewards:

Book-Buying: Use your Readcoins to purchase your next literary adventure from the Northeastreads store. This allows you to explore new genres, discover emerging authors, and indulge in your reading passion.

Badge Achievements: As you engage with the community and accumulate Readcoins, you can earn special badges that highlight your dedication and achievements in the world of literature.

Profile Enhancement: With a growing Readcoin collection, your profile gains prestige within the community. This showcases your deep connection to literature and your commitment to the platform.

Real-World Rewards: Exchange your Readcoins for Amazon or Flipkart gift cards, giving you the opportunity to transform your digital tokens into tangible rewards. This allows you to further indulge in your reading interests or treat yourself to other goodies. Check out our Shop page to redeem your coins.

In essence, Readcoins offer a way to not only celebrate your passion for reading but also to enhance your engagement with literature through meaningful rewards and interactions within the Northeastreads community.

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