Review: Love, Lust and Loyalty by Yuimi Vashum

Love, Lust and Loyalty by Yuimi Vashum tells the truth about something not often said or something often hushed. Divided in two parts, Vashum speaks about sexual abuse in the first part. Love, relationship and heartbreak dominates the second part. . . . Love, Lust and Loyalty is far from what a superficial society would […]

Book Review: Yangkhei Yan (Vernacular Tangkhul) by Aimreishin Valui

  Khararthotliva ngashan eina shiyan-chikan hina mi ākhawui ācham-āram kala achei-are katongali chizamida mirinwui tamme oja thada leikasana.” Traditions and cultures frame the intrinsic characteristics of one’s identity. Written in the vernacular Tangkhul language, Yangkhei Yan- Haori Haorangwui Riyanna, talks about  the importance of Tangkhul clothing traditions and cultures in identifying oneself as a Tangkhul. […]

A Review of Love. Lust. And Loyalty

Yuimi Vashum’s Love. Lust. And Loyalty is a profoundly personal, honest exploration of emotions, questions, and confusion one experiences and feels as a victim of child sexual abuse (CSA); without rancor or self-pity, the book mourns the loss of trust and innocence, sense of betrayal, the immense self-doubt and unimaginable trauma, the anger and fears […]