Review: Waiting for the Dust to Settle by Veio Pou

They called it ‘Operation Bluebird’. On the fateful day of 9th July, 1987, the Underground Naga army attacked and raided the Assam Rifles outpost at Oinam Hill Village, a Poumai Naga Village in Senapati District, Manipur. Nine Assam Rifles soldiers were killed and the Naga Underground escaped with their looted arms and ammunitions. In an […]

Review: Love, Lust and Loyalty by Yuimi Vashum

Love, Lust and Loyalty by Yuimi Vashum tells the truth about something not often said or something often hushed. Divided in two parts, Vashum speaks about sexual abuse in the first part. Love, relationship and heartbreak dominates the second part. . . . Love, Lust and Loyalty is far from what a superficial society would […]

Book Review: Yangkhei Yan (Vernacular Tangkhul) by Aimreishin Valui

  Khararthotliva ngashan eina shiyan-chikan hina mi ākhawui ācham-āram kala achei-are katongali chizamida mirinwui tamme oja thada leikasana.” Traditions and cultures frame the intrinsic characteristics of one’s identity. Written in the vernacular Tangkhul language, Yangkhei Yan- Haori Haorangwui Riyanna, talks about  the importance of Tangkhul clothing traditions and cultures in identifying oneself as a Tangkhul. […]

Zubaan Publishers Research Grant for Young Researchers from the Northeast, 2023-24: Call for Applications

Zubaan Publishers, an independent feminist publishing house based in New Delhi, has announced the Zubaan Publishers Research Grant for Young Researchers from the Northeast, 2023-24. The grant provides a modest fund to prepare written, multimedia, visual, and other creative content focusing on themes such as community histories, environmentalism, disability, notes on lived realities, political and […]

Celebrating Literary Brilliance: ‘Everything The Light Touches’ Wins Best Fiction at Bangalore Lit Fest 2023

The literary world buzzed with excitement as Janice Pariat’s “Everything The Light Touches” clinched the Best Fiction award at the prestigious Bangalore Literature Festival 2023. This accolade highlights the book’s unique narrative style and its deep, resonant themes. Pariat’s journey to this achievement is a story of dedication and unique voice in Indian literature. Her […]

Echoes of Home and Heart: Unveiling Jim Kasom’s ‘Cradling Memories of My Land’

Jim Wungramyao Kasom, known for his acclaimed work ‘Homecoming and Other Stories,’ has now ventured into the realm of poetry with his latest book, ‘Cradling Memories of My Land,’ released in November 2023. This poetic journey marks a significant shift from his previous storytelling style, delving deeper into the emotional landscapes of identity, belonging, and […]

The Mumbai LitFest 2023: Winners and Highlights from Tata Literature Live!

The 14th edition of the Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest took place in Mumbai from October 25th to 29th, 2023. The festival brought together literary enthusiasts, authors, and artists from various backgrounds for a grand finale. The evening featured sophisticated comedy, musical entertainment, and the highly anticipated announcement of the winners of the prestigious […]

Northeastreads: Your Portal to Book Bliss and Reading Rewards

Welcome to Northeastreads: Your Literary Journey Begins Here! At Northeastreads, we believe in the power of literature to connect people, transcend boundaries, and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of India’s northeast region. Our platform is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the incredible literary talent of authors from the northeast, while also fostering a thriving community […]