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Shooting the Sun: Why Manipur Was Engulfed by Violence and the Government Remained Silent

 Format: Paperback  Author: Nandita Haksar  Category: Politics, Story  Publisher: Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Limited  Published: 2024  ISBN: 9354477011  ISBN-13: 978-9354477010  Pages: 200  Language: English  Item Weight: 180g  Amazon

Unraveling the turmoil that erupted in Manipur during May 2023, “Shooting the Sun” delves into the ostensibly ethnic clashes triggered by Kuki opposition to the dominant Meiteis’ demand for Scheduled Tribe status. The Kukis and other tribal groups express concern that this move could erode their already limited entitlements. The Kukis, collectively labeled ‘illegal immigrants,’ faced accusations ranging from fostering poppy cultivation to involvement in ‘narcoterrorism.’

While Manipur has a history of inter-ethnic conflicts, the 2023 violence, resulting in hundreds of casualties and displacing tens of thousands, shocked observers with its unprecedented brutality. Attempting to comprehend this conflict raises numerous enigmatic questions: What fuels the profound anger among the state’s residents? Is this conflict rooted in religion or ethnicity? Why did the sizable deployment of police and paramilitary forces in Manipur fail to quell the violence? What role did chauvinist Meitei organizations like Arambai Tenggol play in the unrest? Why did India’s national leadership remain silent for months on the issue? Is there a genuine issue of illegal immigration from Myanmar into Manipur? Who are the KukiZo people, and are they truly responsible for the alleged drug menace as asserted by the Meiteis? What measures have the state and central governments taken to combat drug trafficking in the region? Ultimately, who gains from the unfolding events?

In this pressing exploration, Nandita Haksar fearlessly navigates the intricate geopolitical problem, exposing the hypocrisy within identity politics in Manipur. Throughout the narrative, Haksar maintains clarity, insight, and courage, never losing sight of those most adversely affected by the ongoing conflict.

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Nandita Haksar

Nandita Haksar is a human-rights lawyer, teacher, campaigner and writer. She has represented the victims of army atrocities in the North East India, Kashmiris framed in terrorism cases, migrant workers and refugees seeking asylum in India. She is the author...

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