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The School Of Bullies

 Format: Paperback  Author: Kuzo Kezo  Category: Children Book, Story  Publisher: Penthrill Publications  Published: 2023  ISBN-13: 978-9393396297  Language: English  Illustrator: Chavine Isabel Krocha  Buy Now
We were all once children and we are not going to be children again anymore but when you read this book, you will go back to the past and think about how you grew up to be what you are today. I think honestly, I have bullied people, I think other people have bullied me but those days we didn’t know. We grew up with fear, insecurity yet we didn’t know how to express that.
Re. Dr. Zelhou Keyho

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About the author

Kuzo Kezo

Kuzo Kezo is a 12-year-old boy, studying in class 7. At st. Mary's cathedral higher secondary school, kohima. He is the eldest among 4 siblings. He loves comics and writing stories. He started writing when he was in grade I...

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