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The Yellow Sparrow : Memoir of a Transgender

 Format: Kindle, Paperback  Author: Santa Khurai  Category: Memoir  Publisher: Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Limited  Published: 2023  ISBN: 9354474071  ISBN-13: 978-9354474071  Pages: 328  Language: English  Item Weight: 320 g  Translator: Rubani Yumkhaibam  Amazon  Amazon Kindle

“The Yellow Sparrow: Memoir of a Transgender” by Santa Khurai is a profound and moving account of her journey as a transgender woman in Manipur, India. At seventeen, Santa courageously embraced her true identity, transitioning publicly amidst intense societal and familial opposition. Her decision to live authentically as a woman, marked by wearing dresses and makeup, sparked harsh reactions including her father’s anger, public ridicule, and even violence from the local armed forces.

Santa’s path was fraught with challenges. Struggling to find employment due to discrimination, she persevered until establishing a successful beauty parlour. However, the pressures of her journey led her into a difficult battle with drug abuse and financial hardship.

Despite these struggles, Santa emerged as a significant figure in the transgender rights movement. Her involvement and leadership in the All Manipur Nupi Maanbi Association (AMaNA) and collaboration with SAATHII have placed her at the forefront of LGBTQ advocacy, enabling her to raise her voice on international platforms for her community.

Her personal life, too, has been a tapestry of profound experiences. From enduring an abusive marriage to the joy of parenthood through adoption, Santa’s life has seen remarkable highs and lows, including global recognition and the painful estrangement from her family.

Santa Khurai’s memoir is not just her story; it’s a beacon of hope and resilience, demonstrating an unyielding commitment to authenticity in the face of overwhelming odds. It serves as a source of inspiration and courage for people everywhere, transcending boundaries and speaking to the universal human spirit.

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About the author

Santa Khurai

Santa Khurai is a courageous and inspirational figure in the LGBTQ community in Manipur, India. Born male, she always identified as female and bravely began expressing her feminine identity at the age of seventeen, facing severe societal and familial backlash....

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