Santa Khurai

Santa Khurai is a courageous and inspirational figure in the LGBTQ community in Manipur, India. Born male, she always identified as female and bravely began expressing her feminine identity at the age of seventeen, facing severe societal and familial backlash. Despite the challenges, including physical attacks, ridicule, and job discrimination, she persisted in her journey. Santa eventually found success as a make-up artist and battled through drug abuse and financial difficulties. Her determination led her to become a key figure in the transgender movement, taking on a significant role with the All Manipur Nupi Maanbi Association (AMaNA) and collaborating with SAATHII. She is a prominent advocate for LGBTQ rights, speaking internationally on behalf of her community. Santa's life experiences include an abusive marriage, adopting a son, international recognition, and familial estrangement. Her resilience and commitment to living authentically make her story truly inspiring.