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A Fistful of Moonlight: New Fiction from Assam

 Format: Hardcover, Kindle  Author: Mitra Phukan  Category: Fiction, Story  Publisher: BEE Books  Published: 2023  ISBN: 9391618235  ISBN-13: 978-9391618230  Pages: 248  Language: English  Item Weight: 1100 g  Amazon  Amazon Kindle

“A Fistful of Moonlight,” edited by Mitra Phukan, Arunava Sinha, and Lucy Hannah, presents a diverse collection of fourteen stories. These narratives delve into the intricate realms of human experience, offering a unique perspective on life. A man’s obsession with shoes becomes a unique lens through which he views the world. A family grapples with the enduring trauma stemming from a daughter’s tragic demise, confronting the specter of an unsettling curse. In another tale, a young girl finds liberation in shedding her long locks, shedding not just her hair but also the weight of multiple identities. The Baghjan oilfield disaster claims a life, and a community wrestles with the aftermath of their loss. Love confronts social taboos, leaving deep emotional scars that refuse to fade with time. The uncertainty of a family’s future looms as they are once again uprooted from their home. These narratives explore themes of love, identity, politics, fantasy, and breathe new life into age-old fairy tales, transporting readers into the heart of contemporary Assamese literature.

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Editorial Reviews

Tender, terrifying, and heart-rending, these are soulful tales of loss and suffering. Of women and men overwhelmed by societal and State tyranny and the relentless fury of Nature and the Corporates. Shot through with an ominous gloom, occasionally heightened by black humour, the tales permit no looking away from the urgency of the situation. The English translation carries well the flavour and spirit of the Assamese original. A must read. -- Geetanjali Shree ― author of International Booker Prize-winning TOMB OF SAND

About the author

Mitra Phukan

Mitra Phukan is a writer, translator, columnist and trained classical vocalist who lives in Guwahati, Assam. Her published literary works include four children’s books, a biography, the novels, “The Collector’s Wife” and “A Monsoon of Music”, and a collection of...

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