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Spotting Veron and other Stories

 Format: Paperback  Author: Ankush Saikia  Category: Fiction, Novel, Story  Publisher: Rupa  Published: 2011  ISBN: 8129118432  ISBN-13: 978-8129118431  Pages: 192  Language: English  Item Weight: 192 g  Amazon

This collection of stories by Ankush Saikia, “Spotting Veron and Other Stories,” traverses various landscapes, ranging from the Assam countryside to the Khasi hills and from Delhi to London. “Two Ending” delves into the world of a superstitious paanwallah as he grapples with comprehending the escalating violence around him. In “The Test,” we glimpse an episode in the life of Shillong schoolboy named Robert. “Jet City Woman” recounts the reluctant journey of a journalist through one night in India’s capital city, while “Spotting Veron” chronicles a lengthy and evocative expedition from north-east India to Delhi, spanning the vast expanse of the country. Returning to rural Assam, “The Dog at the Wedding” narrates the story of an orphan’s bond with a stray dog, and “A House in Laban” explores the desires of a young man who has been exiled from the hill town where he was raised. “Caught Somewhere in Time” lingers in Shillong, following a now middle-aged, married Robert, offering a leisurely glimpse into ordinary lives led in forgotten places. Finally, “London,” which concludes this collection, meditates on the evolving nature of our world and how old connections can still be rediscovered.

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About the author

Ankush Saikia

Ankush Saikia (born 1975 in Tezpur, Assam) is an Indian author. He grew up in Madison, Wisconsin; Assam; and Shillong, Meghalaya. Saikia has previously worked as a journalist at India Today,, and Express India, and as a senior editor...

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