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Postcard from the Lushai Brigade (Songs of Freedom Series)

 Format: Kindle, Paperback  Author: Hannah Lalhlanpuii  Category: Novel  Publisher: Duckbill  Published: 2023  ISBN: 0143459384  ISBN-13: 978-0143459385  Language: English  Amazon  Amazon Kindle

“Postcard from the Lushai Brigade (Songs of Freedom Series)” by Hannah Lalhlanpuii unfolds in Aizawl, 1942. At its heart lies the tale of a young boy whose world brims with enchantment and the pure bliss of life alongside his brother, Kima. Even the British presence in the Lushai Hills, though met with resentment by some, casts only a mild impact on the boy, offering intriguing novelties through its diverse people and belongings.

However, as the threat of Japanese invasion looms over their land, Kima enlists in the British Indian Army, marking the end of their days of carefree happiness.

The Songs of Freedom series delves into the lives of children throughout India during the era of struggle for independence, painting poignant portraits of their experiences.

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About the author

Hannah Lalhlanpuii

Hannah Lalhlanpuii is a Phd Scholar from Mizoram. As a PhD research scholar, she felt compelled to offer an unbiased perspective on the historical events, narrating through the eyes of a child to steer clear of political biases. Her powerful...

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