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A Lifetime of Nostalgia

 Format: Paperback  Author: Kemya Yanlem  Category: Poetry, Prose  Publisher: Penthrill Publications  Published: 2023  ISBN-13: 978-9393396471  Language: English  Ilandlo

“A Lifetime of Nostalgia” by Kemya Yanlem is a poignant collection of prose and poems that transcends the boundaries of personal experience to deliver a universal message of “belonging.” Drawing inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wisdom that “longings are universal longings,” Yanlem shares her own journey of finding solace in literature during her lowest moments. The book unfolds as a diverse tapestry of perspectives, featuring characters ranging from an old man yearning for lost love to young lovers drifting apart, and a young girl pouring her heart out to her father. Yanlem’s writing delves into the complexities of human emotion, capturing stories of those lost in their past, battling addiction, and seeking meaning in life. After holding these writings close for three years, Yanlem courageously releases them to the world, viewing it as an act of letting go of the past to embrace change and growth. “A Lifetime of Nostalgia” marks a profound starting point for the author, who hopes that every reader’s journey through the pages is guided by love and empathy.

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About the author

Kemya Yanlem

Kemya Yanlem is a writer from Mon, Nagaland. She has a Bachelor's in English Literature from KL Bajoria college shillong and is pursuing her Master in MFA Art Therapy from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. Her works have been published...

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