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Echo My Soul

 Format: Paperback  Author: Asenla Yanger Ozukum  Category: Poetry  Publisher: Penthrill Publications  Published: 2023  ISBN-13: 978-9393396204  Item Weight: 135 g  Buy Now

“Echo My Soul” by Asenla Yanger Ozukum is a captivating collection of poetic verses that transcend mere words and delve into the depths of the human soul. Through the medium of soul songs, this book offers readers a unique and enchanting journey into the realms of introspection and contemplation. Each poem within its pages serves as a poetic mirror, inviting readers to reflect on life’s multifaceted aspects and ponder over the profound questions posed by the poet.

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About the author

Asenla Yanger Ozukum

Asenla Yanger Ozukum is a book reviewer, academic & a doctoral scholar, who describes herself as a literature professor by profession, a poet in the making & a baker by passion. She currently works as a principal of a college...

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